Making Juicy Memories ~ What a Farm Boy Did for Fun


Boy Eating Grapes, 1890 by Joaquin Sorolla

When Farmer Mike was a  boy, he and his brother and sisters helped his mom and  dad on the farm.   Mike’s grandpa was a farmer too, and all three generations worked together   The dairy farm where they milked their Guernsey cows was just down the road a short way from where Mike lived with his parents.  (In later years when the milk market changed and buyers weren’t so interested in cream, the family switched over to a Holstein herd.)  When you have a dairy farm and you don’t have anyone outside the family helping you, that means that EVERY DAY  you have to milk the cows in the morning AND in the evening.  There is no way you can go on vacation as a family, and the things that you are able to do away from the farm are very limited and must be accomplished between milkings..  But that doesn’t mean that Farmer Mike didn’t have fun when he was a little boy! It sounds like to me he did a lot of fun things on the farm.  One of the things the family liked to do together was to fix a snack and watch television together on Saturday night.  (This was before computer and internet.  This was also before people were able to pick movies to watch at home.)  They had to watch one of the few  channels that they could get on their television.  On Saturday night the family would watch Hee Haw and Lawrence Welk.  (You probably don’t know what those programs were, but some of your parents or grandparents might know.)  While watching these two programs, the family would enjoy big bowls of popcorn (not the microwaved kind) and they would drink homemade grape juice that Mike’s mother had made.  This was a special time each week for the Cupp family.   As an adult,  homemade grape juice reminds Farmer Mike of his childhood and the special times that he spent with his family on Saturday evenings after the chores were finished.

What are some special things that you like to do with your family?

Do you think you will remember those special times when you grow up?

grape juice

With an adults help, you could make your own grape juice to enjoy with your family!  Here is T. Cupp’s recipe for Homemade Grape Juice, like Farmer Mike drank when he was a kid!


Here is another story about grapes.  This is an animated video of a short fable written by a man we know as Aesop.  Aesop was a Greek man who  lived a very, very, very long time ago.  In fact, it is believed he was born around 620 BC!  Aesop was a slave at one point but may have been set free.  We don’t know if he actually wrote his stories down or just passed them down verbally to other people who eventually wrote them.  His stories are known as fables and are meant to teach lessons to those hearing the stories.  After you watch the video,  you can talk with an adult and have a conversation about what this story might mean and possibly how it might apply to your life.


Here you can learn more about Aesop and his fables.

Here are Free Printable Aesop Fables in PDF format.

Aesop’s Fables Crafts and Coloring activities are found at this link.

You can make egg carton grapes as a craft if you like.

Check out this link for cool facts about grapes!


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