Farmer Mike and T Cupp live in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and have both beef and dairy cows.  They also have a few  chickens, two pet goats, two miniature ponies, two Tom turkeys,  and four silly dogs.  They have been known to raise feeder pigs as well.  The Cupps have a large garden and what vegetables they don’t use, they sell at their farmstand and at the local produce auction. They usually put out about three acres of potatoes each year, making potatoes their top selling crop. In addition,  the Cupp farm produces quality hay both for their own animals and to sell.


Produce Auction Mike

Mike’s dad and grandpa were both full time farmers.  He is the third generation to farm the Cupp land.  When he was still a small boy,  Mike rode the tractor with his dad to plant and harvest crops.  When Mike  would fall asleep, his dad would lay him in the fence row where he could keep an eye on him while Mike napped.   To this day,  Mike is happiest when he is outdoors.Tam

Tammy’s childhood was spent in part on a farm where her dad worked and where they lived. She grew up freely roaming the woods and pastures and helping with farm chores and food preservation.  As an adult in her 20’s she worked for a while at a dairy in Alaska.  Farming and homesteading has almost always been a part of her life. When it wasn’t, she dreamed and worked toward returning to farm life.

Mike and Tammy have four grown children (one in Heaven) and three beautiful grandchildren.  Children are our future farmers and this blog is dedicated to them.

three babies




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